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When you think about it, 21 days is such a short time.

Start today.

Challenge yourself to get some form of exercise each day. Take a walk. Use the stairs rather than the escalator or elevator. Check out an exercise DVD from your library and try it out for a week. Anything.

Record the foods you eat each day. It isn’t something I can do every day, but for 21 days it is interesting to see what I am eating compared to what I think I am eating.

Follow my progress HERE.




I am a skeptic. I see something on Facebook and research to authenticate whether it is fact, opinion, skewed information, or an extremely old misinterpretation. For example, someone posted that a specific month (I don’t remember which) had 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays (or something like that) which wouldn’t happen again for a certain number of years. I immediately opened my calendar and found that it wasn’t last year. Then, for some reason I had to find the year and then post it.

See what I mean.

I am a skeptic. I received a call in December asking for donations for the National Police Department. “Really? In December? I give to my local police department IN PERSON. I do not donate over the phone to someone I don’t know, especially during the holidays.” It is the same line I have given over and over during the donation drives. Usually I get the sympathetic, understanding person thanking me for my time. This time, however, I got the creep on the other end of the line who snickered. It triggered my mind to say that that was a con who knew he had gotten caught in a con.

See what I mean.

So several years ago when my husband answered an advertisement looking for people with arthritis for a research trial regarding Noni, I was skeptical. His arthritis, however, had progressed enough to where he didn’t feel comfortable walking without a cane.

He went to the health evaluation and came home with four bottles of Tahitian Noni Juice and the instructions to take an ounce in the morning, and ounce in the afternoon, and an ounce at bed. It was a fruit juice without any chemicals and it didn’t taste too bad. What harm could it do?


Each week of the eight week study, he was to return to the office for an interview and an evaluation. By the second week of the study, he had ditched his cane.

Unfortunately, when the study ended, the only way to purchase Noni was to become a distributor, not something I was interested in.

The effects of the eight weeks of Noni had more of a long term effect that lasted for a couple of years.

This past November (2016) his arthritis has been making walking and moving more and more difficult. Stopping into the GNC nearest us, we happened upon bottles of Noni. It wasn’t the same brand he had used in the study, but why not give it a shot?

You guessed it. He is moving better.

Now, move to me. I’ve been having stiffness in the bones in my feet. I was accusing my shoes, but because of my husband’s coaxing, I tried it. Two weeks later, I am walking more like my old self.

We first tried the Noni juice from Lakewood. Unfortunately, we found even though it worked well, it had a bitter taste. We then tried Dynamic Health Organic Noni Juice (which is ok), but the one we think tastes the best is Tahitian Trader Noni, both sold by GNC. The Vitamin Shoppe also sells Tahitian Trader Noni in both liquid form and in pill form. We are going to try the pill form when we head to St. Croix – can’t necessarily take an open bottle of liquid on board a plane.



Ok, We are now one week into 2017. I’ve been more careful about what I have been eating and I have exercised with my new Simply Fit Board three times. I know that is not much, but it is more than someone who has not gotten off the couch this week.

If you haven’t started walking the path to a healthy life, I urge you to give it a try. Conscientiously, get up from what you are working on and move for ten minutes every hour. Get up and walk to the water fountain. Get up and walk to the vending machine and then tell yourself you do not need junk food. That the grapes you brought taste better than the cheap snacks in the machine. Then, go back to your desk and get some work done.

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Your weight can fit within the high and low for your frame, and you can be making healthy choices related to eating, but if you are not getting some form of exercising, you are not doing the best for your body.

One way to start getting your body moving is now called the 50/10 rule. I think I was ahead of the research while I was teaching. I would set a timer for 45 minutes and grade papers for that 45 minutes. It was a challenge to see how many papers I could grade. Then, I would set the timer again, but this time for 15 minutes. During those 15 minutes, I would get up and do something else. I thought of it as balancing my grading at home and getting the housework done. Research now tells us we should get up and move for 10 minutes every hour. Now, I am setting a timer for 50 minutes and working for that time and then getting up to move. Not necessarily exercise, but move: take the dogs out, do the dishes, make the bed, fold the laundry.

I feel better when I exercise, most of the time. Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, my husband and I purchased the Simply Fit Board. We didn’t try them out until yesterday. We came to the following conclusions

  1. The dogs must be put out on the porch or the back deck BEFORE we pull the boards out. As we started out twisting on the boards, the dogs thought we were playing. The one, Nutmeg, was jumping up and wanting to play. Then, the other dog started attacking the moving board just like he did with the vacuum cleaner’s beater bar.
  2. You MUST focus on balance. You work on twisting, but you are balancing on the balance point of the board.
  3. You might find that one of your sides is stronger than the other. I find, because one side is weaker than the other, that when I twist, I seem to work in a circle.
  4. It doesn’t seem like exercise. Like when I was a kid and enjoyed swinging or riding my bike, twisting on the Simply Fit Board seems like play and I can watch television while I am working out.
  5. I can feel the muscles I am working: I can feel specific muscles in my core.

If balance isn’t your forte, at least get out and walk. Walk around the outside of your house, walk around your block, walk the community path in your city or town, walk around the mall in your town.

Exercise doesn’t have to cost money, but whatever you are sitting here doing, remember to get up and move. Get up and exercise.



I hate scales; however, necessity requires me to step on one occasionally. Usually, I take the time to set foot on a scale on the first day of the New Year. It tells me how much damage my unrestrained holiday feasting has done. I’ve used it in the past to motivate me to get in shape and lose weight.

Has it worked? Ah, no! Knowing how much I weigh doesn’t seem to warrant my action.

So, every Tuesday, I’m going to be “weighing in” on how changes in what I am eating and doing have impacted how I feel. Continue reading “WEIGHING IN”