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In my mind I have a different mirror than the one on the wall in my bathroom. The mirror in my mind has me about 20 years younger and at least 70 pounds lighter.

I don’t feel as old as the calendar says I am, nor do I feel as overweight as the scale says I am.

But the mirror looks back at me every day and says, “If you want to look like you think you look, you need to start acting and eating like you think you look.”

Thus, I am here. I am making an effort to become the person who is in my mental mirror. Eat to be healthy. Exercise.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who will be healthier come this fall?” ME!

Are you ready to challenge yourself to discover the image in your mental mirror? Are you ready to eat healthier? Find exercises that you actually like?

Make a commitment. Come join me on my journey to figure out how to live a healthy life. Say to your mirror on the wall, “I am the image of my mental self.”


3 thoughts on “MIRROR IMAGE

  1. I really find it hard to commit. Two years ago I I went to the gym and lost weight but gained them back after quitting. Last year I tried exercising every morning but failed. 😦 Maybe this year would be better. I hope.


    1. Thanks for commenting. The blog, like me, is a work in progress.
      I hear you when you say it is easy to lose the commitment. Someone once told me that in order to help make a goal stick, you need to publicize it. Plus, helping my hubby get his diabetes under control is a helpful focus. Hopefully I can help some people with what I’ve tried, what I know, and what I learn.


  2. That damned mirror says I am 70 and 50 pounds over weight. My dreams say I am 35 and Adonis. Seems there is a disconnect somewhere – We must just do the best we can. Keep it up.


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