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We’ve all had them – night rumblings. You’ve crawled into bed and your stomach starts to talk. “I’m empty. You need to go to the kitchen and find something to eat. I’m hungry.”

“Shut up,” your brain responds, “we’re on a diet. You can’t have anything more.”

“But I’m hungry.”

This was my stomach last night. I took out the dogs around 10:30, gave them a treat, and crawled into bed. The television was on, hubby was playing a game on his tablet, and I was searching for the free Nook book.

And then, I heard it. “I’m hungry,” my stomach whispered. “Feed me.” My brain ignored it. “Hey, you. I said I’m hungry.”

“If you think we’re getting out from under the warm blankets, you’re crazy.”

“But I’m hungry.”

My brain finally won out, and eventually I turned out the light and went to sleep.

How can we overcome those stomach rumblings at night? That desire to go get a couple of crackers or a cookie. After all, what would it hurt? Who would it hurt?


1. After dinner, take inventory of what you have eaten for the day. Many people use a small spiral notebook to record what they have eaten and the calories involved. Right now, I’m trying My Fitness Pal. So far, I find it easier to use than many of the other “eat right” sites. It also has, in my opinion, a broader base of products and food brand names. The other thing I like is the list of foods I’ve already recorded and the ability to add an item to the current days food inventory with just a check in the box.

2. Once dinner is put away, the dishes done, and the lights off, do not going back in the kitchen. Do not open the fridge. Do not open the cupboards. The only reason I go back into the kitchen at night is to take my allergy pills and vitamins.

3. Once you are in bed, tell yourself not going back to the kitchen.

4. I also keep a bottle of water beside my bed. Many times I find that when I am hungry at night, it is really my body crying for water.

So, do you have night time rumblings? How do you silence them? Might your techniques help others? If so, please share.


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