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I hate the word “diet.” I don’t care how it’s packaged, diets don’t work for me. I think I have been dieting on and off without much long lasting success since I was in high school.

To me a diet is temporary. When you reach your desired weight, you can go back to your previous habits. Well, guess what? You can’t go back to your previous eating habits, and therefore, it seems like you are on a diet of some sort for the rest of your life. Think about the people you know who “yo-yo” diet. They reach a desired weight, but when they stop a diet program, the weight comes back.


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Most of the diets you see on the front of magazines when you check out at the grocery store are simplifications of programs that someone wrote a whole book on. Some of the diets have some great information, but then I look at the menus and find that there are some foods I can’t or won’t eat, or that I can’t find easily where I live, or I have to buy a large amount of the product.


Image courtesy of Suat Eman at
Image courtesy of Suat Eman at

The diets that have you purchasing special foods teach you nothing. You take the food out of the package and heat it or eat it. You probably don’t read the label of the meal, if there is one. You probably aren’t concerned with what is in the food or why it is “good” for you. I can see how prepared meals to your door once a week can be a dream come true for people with a hectic lifestyle, but you haven’t learned to cook healthy foods, balance your meals, or be aware of the ingredients on the label.


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I’ve tried some of these. Better yet, I should say I’ve bought some of these. The issue I had was that I needed to take a pill or two 30 – 60 minutes before I ate a meal. When I was teaching, this caused a problem. My lunch “hour” lasted 30 minutes, and it seemed inappropriate to take a diet pill of sorts while I was teaching.


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Image courtesy of sheelamohan at

Yes, diet groups work, but for some of us, that means belonging to the group for, well, like forever. Many do teach you how to read those product labels. Some of them teach you how to balance your meals and cook healthy foods. They do, however, require a commitment to attend the organization’s meetings. For those with a full schedule, this can create a greater stress.


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Image courtesy of Supertrooper at

I have thrown out the idea of dieting because, as I said earlier, diets seem temporary. Instead, I am focusing on developing a healthy life style. A lifestyle is for life, and I have a lot I want to accomplish in my life. With this in mind, I focus each day on what I am eating, cooking, doing, feeling.

This is what this whole blog is about – how to eat healthy, what is healthy, how to cook healthy, how to exercise for the non-exercising person, what it means to live healthy.

How do you work to eat healthy? To live healthy?


2 thoughts on “THE WORD “DIET”

  1. I 100% agree.

    People seem to have this idea that they can temporarily fix their eating habits, lose weight, and then keep it off forever even though they go back to their horrible eating habits!

    I think it’s only when you truly make a lifestyle change, that you can maintain a healthy body. Unless you’re one of those people with a freakishly amazing metabolism (hate those people).


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