I stepped on the scale a little over a week ago. Scale, scale on the floor, please tell me that I weigh no more.

I looked at the numbers. I weighed in at 213.8.


Image courtesy of stockimages at
Image courtesy of stockimages at


Why was I so surprised? I guess I wasn’t. I didn’t need the scale to tell me that I had gained weight. The tightness of my pants said it all too well. So did the tightness of the notch on my belt. Shoot, even my underwear felt tight. I had gained weight.

I had baked and overindulged through the entire holiday season: Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve.

I hadn’t just overindulged, I had fallen away from weighing myself. Every morning as soon as I got up, I used to weigh myself. Then, I’d get frustrated when the numbers didn’t move or increased. I wondered why I was weighing myself, so I stopped.

Although the day I stepped on the scale wasn’t January 1, I decided I needed to change. This was the day I was going to take the first steps toward becoming healthy.

I would weigh myself once a week and attack my food addiction – start to eat healthy – eat clean.


There are several different theories on when and how often to weigh yourself, and several of those theories warn not to weigh yourself too often. My plan is to weigh myself first thing every Monday morning. My scale had been out of sight, out of mind, so I moved it to my front hall. Now, even though I weigh myself weekly, I see the scale every day.

What is your weight management plan?

  • Do you weigh yourself in the morning before your shower?
  • After your shower?
  • After you exercise?
  • Before bed?
  • Daily?
  • Once a week?
  • When you feel like you have done well on your “diet”? (Yes, I know I hate that word, but it is the only word that fits here.)
  • When you feel like you have over-eaten?


To me, it isn’t enough to just watch my calorie intake, or my carbohydrate intake, or even my fat intake. It is much more than that. I am striving, once again, to eat healthy and to eat clean.

To me, eating healthy means to make sure that I eat foods in each layer of the food pyramid: fruits, vegetables, proteins, breads & grains, dairy, and fats/oils.

Image courtesy of lkunl at
Image courtesy of lkunl at

Then there is eating clean. There are so many additives and junk in most processed foods that I have decided to eliminate frozen and boxed meals, eliminate canned foods due to the salt content, and eat raw foods and foods that I have prepared myself.

I have also eliminated any form of pop in my diet.


Between January 5 and January 18, I found it easy to watch what I ate because my husband was at home and we were trying to stabilize his blood sugars. (He is a diabetic and was taken off his meds before he had knee surgery. Needless to say, we are struggling to get them under control.) But today, he went back to work as an over-the-road truck driver. We converse about what we have eaten, but there is no one here but the dogs and the cat.

This is going to take a lot of self-control, motivation, and dedication. Here it goes!


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