This weekend my husband was home and once again we shared the cooking duties. He loves to cook and has taught me a great deal about flavors. I have learned to experiment with a wide variety of spices and to be open to try new and unique foods.

Sunday morning he declared, “If this is going to work, the food has to have flavor.” The “this” was the healthy lifestyle we are determined to adopt. The “this” didn’t come out of a New Year’s resolution; it came from the scare his blood sugar numbers gave him early in January before knee surgery.

Many Sunday mornings find him making a breakfast scramble.

Saturday we had picked up some maple breakfast sausage. He placed them in the cast iron skillet. When done, the sausage was cut into bite size pieces.


His skillets contain what ever he can find in the fridge. We had shared a baked potato for Saturday dinner, but neither of us could finish our half so that was brought out and diced.


An onion and a red pepper were chopped, and parsley leaves were cut from the stalks. From a bowl on the counter, he separated out one clove of garlic and minced it.


He pulled the spines off a stalk of rosemary and placed them in a mortar. Then he looked in the spice cabinet and pulled out oregano, onion powder, and cardamon. The pestle ground the spices together emitting a mouthwatering aroma.

Then he added the cut sausages and potatoes to the skillet; then the onions, red peppers, and garlic. When the vegetables were just about done, he added three scrambled eggs.

On top of the set eggs, he melted just a touch of cheddar cheese. And Voila! A delicious, healthy skillet.




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