What motivates you to make changes in your life? Is it a gut feeling? Is it something that happened to you? A family member? A friend?

The past three months have led me to some much needed change in my life.

I have moved from Illinois to Tennessee by choice. I have driven back to Illinois twice to rent a trailer and try to finish packing stuff and bringing it to our new home. Both trips have proved to be exhausting. It’s a 10 1/2 hour trip one way. (It’d be longer but I usually find myself driving 80 mph and only stopping to pick up food, put gas in the tank, and use the bathroom. Yes, I eat while I drive.) On the way back, it takes a great deal longer and requires an overnight stop because I am towing the trailer.

This last time, I even backed the trailer up the windy drive in the dark,

Taken the morning after I got home and started to unload.
Taken the morning after I got home and started to unload.

unpacked the truck, truck bed, and trailer by myself since my hubby was still on the road. Each time the trip has left me exhausted and overwhelmed for almost a week.

A few things have been removed from this 5x8 trailer because they all but fell out.
A few things have been removed from this 5×8 trailer because they all but fell out.

Am I fully moved in? NOPE, not even close. My two car plus garage is a maze from the boxes arranged with only a walking path to shuffle sideways. I still have some stuff in Illinois, but my son is going to store it for me.

packed garage

Am I comfortable in my new home and town? YUP. It’s odd that after living in the same area of the same state for 57 year, Middle Tennessee should feel more like home than Northern Illinois.

But moving has come with some health issues, not mine but my husband’s.

The moving van and our actual move came in September. In October, after being leasing with a different trucking company and after a one week hands-on training run with a flatbed driver, hubby was home for the weekend. We went to the grocery store, and when we got home, he doubled over in pain in the kitchen. Trip to ER identified he had ulcers and anemia. Now, in November, after two to three weeks driving on his own, he was home for the weekend for a doctor appointment for the arthritis in his knees. After an appointment with our new chiropractor (something we do every two weeks or so), we stopped for a pizza dinner. When we got home, hubby found he was short of breath. Hitting his inhaler for his asthma didn’t ease the shortness of breath, so he decided to get comfortable; however, when he got to the living room, he started having chest pains. Trip to the ER again. All the tests that would indicate a heart attack came back negative, but because of his family history and medical issues, they admitted him for observation. Good thing. One of the blood tests showed an indicator for heart attack rising and his pains recurred four more times during the night. They have scheduled him twice for a stress test, but cancelled it for one reason or another. Now, tomorrow, he is scheduled for an angiogram. Hopefully, the doctor will determine what direction to take and they can release my hubby from the hospital.

I began this blog under a different name and really wanted to focus on diets and dieting, but the past three has gotten me thinking. The people I talk to and the articles that I read are inspiring me to share on this blog my road and research to a healthier life. To help other people search for ways to improve life. Although I can’t change the blogs URL, I am looking at changing the name of the blog.

So what motivates you to make changes in your life?

Watch for more information and insight and motivation to turn your life around and live a happier, healthier life.


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