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I’m amazed that the last time I posted in this blog was in February and it is now June. Four months has delivered so many changes in my life.

I had thought to abandon this blog, but I find, as I am re-invent the healthy lifestyle that I used to entertain, I need to use this blog to not only share my successes, but share my struggles and the information I discover during my research.

My husband’s doctor encouraged him (or rather us) to join one of the local fitness establishments – the one with the indoor and outdoor pools – since he has had to give up driving semi over the road due to health issues. On Friday, June 3, we went to check out the recently opened fitness center (which had originally been a YMCA facility).

We had hoped to swim on Saturday, but the outdoor pool was closed due to stormy weather, so we decided to start our fitness schedule the following Monday.

So, now we have two Mondays under our belt. It’s a start to living a healthier life.


Since my husband has arthritis in his knees, the pool offers the least impact during a workout.

We started slowly, finding that if we put fun in our exercise, we will follow through and continue to go to the fitness center.

My husband, Thom, picked up a soccer ball and we proceeded to toss it back and forth as we walked back and forth from end to end. We spent about 30 – 45 minutes doing this and now as I sit here writing this, my arms are feeling the workout.

The fitness center membership includes involvement in several workout classes. Tomorrow evening we hope to participate in a pool workout.


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