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Life and living life is a challenge. Eating right, getting exercise, drinking enough water, and the other aspects of living a healthy life are a challenge.

I am struggling right now with eating right. To me, eating right means that I am buying fresh fruits and vegetables rather than canned or frozen; that I am buy fresh, unprocessed meats instead of frozen ready-for-the-oven items; and that I avoid purchasing high calorie – low nutritional value foods.

Why am I struggling? It’s not because I don’t know what to purchase or how to prepare food. It’s because I am grocery store spoiled. I have yet to find a grocery store in Middle Tennessee that offers the breadth of choices that my two favorite stores back home in Rockford, Illinois gives.

Valli’s Grocery Store has a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables: everything from the normal apples and oranges and pears to dragon fruit and aloe and cactus. Then, there’s the deli: yes, the nitrates in processed meat are not healthy, but there are numerous choices. The butcher shop carries things like store-seasoned fajita meat and several kinds of fish and seafood and a wide variety of kinds of meats. They also have a wide variety of ethnic foods. Unfortunately, they are only found in Northern Illinois.

Woodman’s Grocery Store has an equally impressive produce and butcher sections. Unfortunately, they are an area chain in Northern Illinois and Wisconsin.

I found a Whole Foods here in Middle Tennessee, but it has less of an impressive choice than the ones in Northern Illinois.

That said, we have recently begun frequenting the area farmer’s markets, and our upright freezer was delivered today.

I need to begin eating right so that I can feel better and more energized. Notice I didn’t say so that I would loose weight. To me, that is focusing on a negative – I am overweight.In re-focusing my goals (feel better and have more energy), I am hoping to be more successful in eating well.

Where do you shop? What do you look for?

Join me as I explore ways to eat with my health and energy.


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