I did the usual this morning. I took the dogs out and then crawled back in bed for my fully conscious state to find me. Some mornings I don’t need this, but this morning I needed about 20 minutes for my conscious self to argue with my sleepy self that it was indeed time to get out of bed and get something done.

It is during these minutes (when I don’t fall back to sleep) that I brainstorm and plan for the day.

I have been struggling lately with how to re-introduce more healthy foods back into my life and how to get back to exercising, in some form, every day. Research tells us that one way to eat healthy and eat fewer calories is to write – daily – in a food log: what you ate, when you ate, why you ate, and how you felt before/when/after you ate. I’ve been able to log the “what I ate” but without consistency.

As I lay in bed this morning, I began to think about what I ate yesterday, did I eat any junk food, and how can I improve on yesterday’s behaviors. Then, as I went over what I ate, an idea hit me. Instead of recording all the information listed in the paragraph above, I needed to write down what I ate in a given day the next morning and then write about how I felt about how I ate.

Follow me as I try this journey on FOOD LOGS.


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