I am going to start by telling you who/what I am not. I am not a doctor or a nurse; I do not possess a degree in psychology or psychiatry; nor am I a certified nutritionist or health coach.

There, that’s said.

“So what,” you say.

Well, so you won’t say you read something I published and found it didn’t work, or declare that I am a fraud.

Since each one of us is a unique creation, it is rare that we will all fit in the what works for one should work for all mold.


I am, however, a retired high school English teacher. I received my BA in education from National College of Education. Later, I returned to school (while teaching) for a Masters in curriculum and leadership; and later still, a degree in educational administration.

I enjoy reading and research, and not the kind of research you do when you “Google” a topic and thoroughly believe the first article you believe. For example, when my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, rather than schedule ourselves with one of the hospital’s dietitians, I researched the nutrition and changes in lifestyle he needed to adopt in order to continue with his career as a truck driver.

I enjoy learning and experiencing new things.

Before I moved to Middle Tennessee, I was a member of a Happiness Club where we learned about gratitude, laughter, and living life to the fullest.

I enjoy listening to people and guiding them to make more positive choices in their lives.

Even at 57 trips around the sun, I am still developing into the person I want to be.



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